Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slow Burning

Ok, Bones enthusiasts, our favorite duo is back in action tomorrow night after the winter hiatus. It goes without saying that I am beside myself with anticipation, mostly because we left B&B in such a dark place. I would be woefully dishonest if I didn't admit that I sunk into my couch and wept at Brennan's pleading with Booth to give her another shot, and Booth's subsequent rejection. It's ok, Brennan! You will find love again!

And that is where we find our topic for today. If Booth and Brennan are not in a committed relationship by the end of this season, I will be finding something else to obsess over faster than you can say "poor storytelling!" Let's look at the facts. This story has been told so poorly, this may be the only way to salvage the season.

It's not that I think B&B should have been together sooner, it's the way they have forced Booth into this relationship with Hannah, and then completely underdeveloped her character that I find unacceptable. For example, when Jim and Karen were together on The Office before Jim and Pam got together, we got to see how their relationship began and at least understood where their chemistry was (much like Brennan's relationship with Agent Sully in season 2). I mean, the fact that we missed the beginning of Booth's relationship with Hannah makes it almost impossible to even remotely consider that he could be good with her. All we saw was them having raucous sex after they were already serious, to which I say, who cares? Why is he so drawn to her? We have no idea.

So, this is what I predict will happen to get us out of this debacle:

1) Hannah finds out about B&B. She is unsettled.
2) Booth tries to hold on to Hannah for dear life, attempting to show how much he has moved on from Brennan.
3) Booth will propose to Hannah.
4) Hannah will say no.
5) Booth will blame Brennan.
6) Booth and Brennan resume their slow burn and are together in time for May sweeps.

This is my word. Let it be written.

Do you agree?

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