Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm back! Every year, I decide that I should blog more, if not because people are wildly interested in what's going on in my head, but because I should exercise my brain and challenge myself to put thoughts on box. However, I am making no such goal for 2012, and do you know why? Because we are all going to die*! That's right, everyone! According to the Mayan calendar, come December 21, we are all going down. So how to spend the last year of my life? Certainly not in front of a computer!


1) Curb addiction to Peter Piper Pizza. Do this by eating it until it can no longer be stood.

2) Cuddle with my cat. With the way he runs into walls, it's unlikely he'll make it.

3) Platonically cuddle with Zack Thompson, Erica "Steele", and Jen Soon-to-no-longer-be-Lake. Who knows if we'll recognize each other in Heaven. It's been so long already.

4) Even though Ashton Seip will undoubtedly kick Armageddon in its face, I'll watch a sunset with her, just in case. Preferably from an insane height.

5) Make an insane batch of Macaroni and Cheese. I don't see dairy products holding up in a state of nuclear winter.

6) Homewreck one of the Hansons. If I have a choice, Zac. Listen to their music exclusively. It's really the only thing I like besides showtunes. Judge if you will. It's the Apocalypse. I do what I want.

7) Spend a ridiculous amount of money on something frivolous. I mean, more than I already do. Everyone knows bread will be the currency of choice at the end of the world. Also, open a bakery.

8) Sing Christmas carols to Amy "Grinchy Claus" Gallagher. Perhaps wear orange while doing so. We won't make it until next Christmas for her to complain about them.

9) Watch How I Met Your Mother in chronological order with Brigitte. Have an argument over who gets to hypothetically get with Marshall. Entertainment is bound to be thin on the ground at the End.

10) Get accepted to Hogwarts. This speaks for itself.

So that's it, Ladies and Gentlemen. And may the odds be ever in my favor. Happy New Year!

*In no way do I believe the world is ending.

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  1. i love you and your blog, julie! we need a reunion ASAP. happy new year! love, love, love! your favorite co-worker EVER