Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm no Oscar Wilde

Ahem. Some short dialogues recapping tonight's events on Downton Abbey.

Lady Mary and Lord "Hottie" Gillingham:

Lord Gillingham: Do you remember me?
Mary: I spilled ice cream on myself at your house once.
Lord Gillingham: Nice. So, even though everyone knows your husband died, are you married?
Mary: R U Serious?
Lord G: Sorry. I’m tactless. But you’re pretty good looking. Also, I might have a fiance. But the arrangement is flexible.
Lord G: Let’s go riding. On horses I mean.
Lady Mary: I guess. It’s time I got back in the saddle. Surely I’ll be stiff tomorrow. From the horse riding.
Lord G: Get over Matthew and date me already.
Lady M: Now that Matthew's dead, I'm back to being pretty much a total biotch. Give me time to enjoy that, please.
Lord G: That guy was so lucky.
Lord G: You should stand up to your father, you know.
Lady M: Thanks for your support.
Lord G: I mean, I think you’re super hot, so really, whatever is going to help me get into your petticoats.
Lord G: Let’s dance.
Lady M: No thanks.
Lord G: Let’s go out next time we’re in London.
Lady M: Don’t you have a girlfriend? I don’t think so, but thanks for the ego-boost, peasant.

 Lady Edith and Michael "I look like a Keebler Elf" Gregson:

Gregson: I am learning German.
Edith: I am so freaking impressed.
Gregson: I know. Joining up with eventual Nazis is so romantic.

Lord Grantham and the men lose money to Lord Gillingham's shady friend:

Sampson: Let’s play cards, suckers
Everyone else: Great idea.
Gillingham: Don’t let him cheat you.
Lord Grantham: Even though I have proven to be completely financially irresponsible by bankrupting Downton not once, but TWICE, I think I’ll do ok.
Sampson: I'll steal all the moneys! I am such a lucky card shark. 
Everyone else: Interestingly, the rest of us are really out the cash.
Sampson: You may win it all back before it’s over, even though I am so clearly up to no good I can’t believe you haven’t caught on.
Gregson: We playing cards again tonight?
Sampson: Seriously? What luck! Of course.
Gregson: Sweet. See you later!
Sampson: Hopefully during the singing. Amiright!?
Gregson: Don't worry, I'll be stealing all of your money back so I can finally sleep with Edith. 

And finally, Branson and Edna "I'm even creepier than O'Brien" Braithwaite:

Edna: Love your white tie.
Tom: Yeah. It sucks.
Edna: Remember when I tried to seduce you? Don’t let it stop you from being friends with me. Want to do lunch?
Tom: I wish you the best.
Edna: Not as much as you will.
Edna: How was the dance?
Tom: Dreadful.
Edna: Thank goodness. If it wasn’t, there’s no way you’d ever sleep with me again.
Edna: Here’s some booze.
Tom: Thanks.
Edna: You looked desperate.
Tom: You totally get me. I am so lonely.
Edna: Excellent news. Keep drinking.
Tom: Thanks for the advice. Night night.
Edna: I'll be up to take advantage of your vulnerability later. 

S@#% the Dowager Countess Said: 

"We can't all be Oscar Wilde" "Thank Goodness" - on Branson's social awkwardness
“If I were to search for logic, I would not do it among the English upper class” - on social customs
“Guilt has never played a major part in my life” - on Isobel's reluctance to enjoy life after Matthew's death.

There were some other developments in this episode, like poor Anna getting attacked by the completely horrible Mr. Green (Lord Gillingham's valet), and some continued tension with the Alfred/Ivy/Daisy/Jimmy quadrangle, but for the most part, that pretty much hits the high points. Until next Sunday! 

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