Sunday, January 5, 2014


Things I did while I should have been grading book reports (collected December 5, finished January 4 c. 3 PM) 1) Brushed Dexter

2) Did dishes.

3) Vacuumed.

4) Crocheted a hat.

5) Watched the feature commentary on The Sound of Music (again)

6) Watched 48 Hours

7) Crocheted another hat.

8) Made a video about how I ran over my jacket with the car to get the tag off.

9) Cleaned the garage.

10) Watched the feature commentary on Mary Poppins (again)

11) Threw away old food

12) Cleaned Dexter's water dish with vinegar.

13) Wrote a blog.

14) Watched on incredibly reputable sites the entire fourth series of Downton Abbey

15) Watched the feature commentary on When Harry Met Sally . . . (again)

16) Started crocheting another hat, but ran out of gray yarn.

17) Watched the feature commentary on Sleepless in Seattle (again)

18) Had an insanely long text conversation with Krista Hansen

19) Wrote another blog

20) Read Paper Towns by John Green

21) Hung up all of my clothes

22) Read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

23) Put a bunch of crap in my Amazon shopping cart, but haven't bought anything

24) Watched the feature commentary on Julie & Julia

25) Wondered if I'll ever get my writing voice as great as Nora Ephron, after watching three feature commentaries with her (answer: unlikely)

26) Watched the last five episodes of Parenthood. Made new resolution to be Lauren Graham.

27) Wrote this list

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