Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January, what?

(I would like to thank inevitable Emmy winner Morgan Blair Thompson for the inspiration for this post)

A comprehensive list of what movies I watch for each American holiday

1) New Years Eve - When Harry Met Sally . . . (because Auld Lang Syne)

2) Martin Luther King Day - Remember the Titans (because racism)

3) Valentine's Day - Sleepless in Seattle (because An Affair to Remember)

4) Presidents' Day - I couldn't come up with anything good.

5) Easter - The Sound of Music

6) Earth Day - Wall-E (because Earth is dead)

7) First Day of Summer Vacation - Now and Then (takes place at the beginning of summer)

8) Fourth of July - Men in Black (Independence Day is too cliche, but Will Smith protecting America is not)

9) Last Day of Summer Vacation - Stand by Me (takes place on the last weekend of Summer)

8) Columbus Day - A completely useless movie, just like this holiday.

9) Halloween - Psycho (because serial killers)

10) Thanksgiving - All episodes of Friends that involve Thanksgiving. Not a movie, but the only example of pop culture that cares about Thanksgiving.

11) Christmas - There isn't a single right movie here. Except Elf. Elf sucks (yeah yeah, I am the only one who thinks so, whatever)


  1. You don't watch White Christmas?!?

  2. I watched White Christmas no fewer than six times this Christmas